Treatments for Neuropathic Pain

back_pain-209266eeb85aceecdb900cc8d5899587Neuropathic pain, or nerve pain, can be debilitating. Many men and women suffer from this condition from various diseases or injuries. There are no proven treatments that work in all people. In some individuals, there are a few treatment options that can improve the overall way a person feels. While there is no way to prevent or cure neuropathic pain, you can reduce it in most cases. Most patients will need to try more than one pain treatment option to determine which is the overall best option for their needs.

How Can Treatment Help, Then?

Even though there may not be a cure for this type of pain, reducing it is often possible. It may be possible to balance the negative way you feel and side effects with more positive experiences. And, for many people, it may be possible to bring chronic pain under a more controllable level. The sooner you seek out these treatment options, the more likely you will be at finding a treatment that works long term. When neuropathic pain becomes more well established, it is very difficult to control at all. Managing it successfully at this point often requires more aggressive treatment options.

What Treatments Can Work?

Often times, the type of treatment needs to be specialized to meet an individual’s pain type and area. Some treatments may include the following:

  • img-neuropathicpain-png-fw_-225x300Pain medications: There are various types of medication that can be used both over the counter and through prescription strength. They can easy the muscle contractions felt, improve the transfer of pain signals to the brain, and even help to trick the brain into not feeling the pain.
  • Nerve blocks: There are various types of conditions nerve blocks can be used for. The goal is simply to shut down the nerve’s communication with the brain and, therefore, stop the pain sensation.
  • Pain pumps: For some people, the pain is continuously and very hard to live with. In these more extreme cases, it is necessary to have a constant treatment solution available, which is what pain pumps offer.

Neuropathic pain is hard to manage, but should never be ignored or minimized. If you believe you are suffering from this condition, it is helpful to turn to a professional who specializes in pain management to offer a solution. Contact our pain management doctor in New York to get the help and support you need.

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