How Do Spinal Cord Stimulators Aid In Pain Relief?

For those people who are suffering from significant pain, finding a treatment option can be difficult to do. Oral medications tend to be the first line of care. Doctors may also use nerve blocks to help minimize the pain and control the function of the nerves that are sending pain signals to the brain. In some cases, these are also ineffective. When that occurs, more advanced treatment options become necessary. The use of implantable systems can be helpful to some people in these chronic pain conditions.

What is Spinal Cord Stimulation?Spinal-Cord-Stimulator

In some situations, the goal of these systems is to interrupt the transmission to the brain. When a nerve feels pain, such as in the fingertips, the nerve sends an electrical impulse to the brain. These tools work to interruption that flow of messages from the spinal cord to the brain. In doing so, it may work to reduce the amount of information the brain has about the pain, thus helping the individual to feel better.
Spinal cord stimulation is a type of pain control method like this. In this method, the device works to provide low levels of electrical current. This current is applied to the dorsal portion of the spinal cord. In doing this, it creates a block to the pain. The pain slows and stops while the stimulation is occurring and the individual feels significant relief.

The spinal cord stimulation device is implanted under the skin during a surgical procedure. This device can sometimes have an internal or external power source, depending on the model selected by the doctor. It is often used in conditions in which the pain is severe and other treatment options are not effective. There are some risks to using this type of device, but for those that receive some level of improvement from pain, it can be well worth it.

Could This Be a Treatment for You?

LowBackPiainEvery individual’s pain is different. The best course of treatment for you is one that is going to help you to find relief and it may take trying a variety of methods to get to that point.


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