PRP Injection for shoulder pain – Case Study

Today I would like to share with you a case study in which a series of three PRP injections helped one of my patients with shoulder pain. The pain was debilitating and prevented her from working (She works as a server in a restaurant and could not carry trays).

imageThis patient is a 41 year old female that came to my office with a chief complaint of right shoulder pain for 10 weeks. She states she was working out on a machine at the gym more than she usually does and woke up the next day with significant pain in her right shoulder. She is right dominant. She reported severe pain with any range of motion of her shoulder.

She had been taking prescription anti-inflammatories prescribed by her internist. She had been out of work, avoiding the gym and resting. She had applied ice as well. None of these relieved the pain and it was not getting better at all.

Physical examination revealed pain and stiffness with range of motion. There was weakness and guarding. There was localized swelling and imagetenderness to touch.

MRI of the right shoulder revealed bursitis and a tear of the rotator cuff.

A steroid injection into the right shoulder failed to relieve the symptoms. After the steroid injection I performed a series of 3 PRP injections into the shoulder joint.

She got progressively better after each PRP injection and after the third injection she reported that she was pain free and back to the gym and work.

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