Why Do People Experience Pain Differently?

pain doctorIt’s frustrating to be told your pain isn’t that bad. What may actually be occurring is that you may be feeling pain differently from others around you. Sometimes, people are simply more sensitive to pain than others are. While you may be labeled a wimp, in truth, your ability to withstand pain stems from the structure of the brain, something you cannot control at all. Everyone experiences pain differently and once you understand why this is, you may feel better about reaching out for medical help through such situations.

What Determines Pain Sensitivity?

Studies have been conducted to try and pinpoint what causes pain and worsens it in humans. One study found that changes in the sensitivity to pain stem from differences in the amount of grey matter in your brain. Grey matter is a large part of the central nervous system. It is where most your brain’s neuronal cell bodies are located, which is how your brain communicates in regards to what hurts, where it hurts, and why it hurts.

The study found that those people who have less grey matter in their brain had a higher pain intensity rating and therefore were more prone to higher sensitivity than those who had more brain matter. More specifically, those with a larger amount of grey matter in the areas of the brain that control attention and internal thoughts are believed to be a trigger for higher pain levels.

Other studies tell us that people who report higher levels of pain are those that have more brain activity in the areas that control pain. This includes the primary somatosensory cortex, which is where pain sensations are transferred from the body. Additionally, cognitive factors also play a role. For example, those who have past experiences with pain, and different experiences of pain, are likely to have different pain tolerance levels than those that do not.

What Does It Mean to You?

pain doctorIf you feel pain, it means you need help. The amount of pain you feel may be very different from what other people feel. More so, you should not judge your pain sensitivity against another person’s when it comes to getting help. Rather, focus on finding the right type of pain management solution for your unique needs. Every situation is very different.

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