Treat your pain and live a better life… Welcome to my blog about pain. Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic pain. As a board certified physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation, my specialty is treating these people with both acute and chronic pain. A majority of my practice is working with patients that are experiencing… Continue Reading

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What Is A Pain Management Specialist?

Physicians who get special training in treating all kinds of pain are pain management specialists. The reasons for pain may vary from person to person. The pain may be a result of injury, chronic conditions, surgeries or nerve damage. What Is Pain Management? Pain management may be simple or it can be complex depending on… Continue Reading

What Are Injections for Pain?

Do you need injections for pain? The pain management procedure requires the insertion of injections with image guidance. These procedures help you in pain relief and the goal is to bring you back to normal life. Pain injections are a perfect option for those who have chronic neck and back pain but are afraid of… Continue Reading


Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common chronic joint condition and a type of arthritis. It is a long-lasting disease and a leading cause of disability. The point where two bones connect is a joint. A protective tissue that connects both the bones is cartilage. Cartilage is a tough but smooth, and slippery tissue that helps… Continue Reading


There is a series of vertebrae or bones in your spinal column. The topmost column is a cervical spine, which consists of seven bones. The thoracic spine includes 12 bones. There are five in the lumbar spine, and in the last sacrum and coccyx, which are at the base. When you perform activities like lifting,… Continue Reading


Pain is a natural phenomenon. You feel pain when you get a cut or if you crack your bone. Your nervous system tells you that something is wrong and after healing, you are pain-free. Pain signals travel through your spinal cord and reach your brain. Chronic pain is different than the pain that we feel… Continue Reading

Back Pain

Do you need a back pain doctor? Back pain is a very common symptom that almost everyone experiences in their lifetime. It was first very common in people who were aging but now even teenagers face this issue. Back pain can occur due to many reasons mainly revolving around our eating, physical behaviors and lifestyle… Continue Reading


Arthritis is a very common disease that many of our elderly face. However, it has been growing and affecting many different ages due to their unhealthy lifestyles. Arthritis is a severe disease and can lead to many more complications that are life-threatening. It causes inflammation in your joints, which eventually leads to excessive pain and… Continue Reading

What are Interventional Spine Skills?

What are Interventional Spine Skills? The back pain and spine-related problems are becoming more prevalent than ever. Back pain problems have accounted for almost 264 million lost days from work a year. Backache and spine conditions become serious when you began to feel radicular pain and symptoms. Radicular pain indicates problems such as compressed or… Continue Reading