Treat your pain and live a better life… Welcome to my blog about pain. Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic pain. As a board certified physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation, my specialty is treating these people with both acute and chronic pain. A majority of my practice is working with patients that are experiencing… Continue Reading

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Chronic Pain from Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are one of the most painful instances in an athlete’s life. Sports injuries come under two types; chronic and acute. Chronic sports injury pain is a consistent type of pain that mainly derives from sports like swimming, running, and cycling. These usually occur when your body is constantly moving. Sometimes the pain from… Continue Reading

Postsurgical Pain & Treatment Options

What is postsurgical pain and what are the treatment options for it? After you’re through with successful surgery, your doctor’s next goal is to help relieve post-surgery pain as soon as possible. Postsurgical pain, also known as Postoperative pain, can affect numerous aspects of your life, depending on the type of surgery you choose. Pain control… Continue Reading

Best Treatments for Chronic Pain

What are the best treatments for chronic pain? In general, the sensation of physical pain is your body telling you that something bad is happening. This is incredibly good in terms of self-protection and awareness. The feeling of pain is indicative of the brain signaling that something is wrong and you must protect yourself or… Continue Reading

Back Pain Specialist

Do you need a back pain specialist? If you are one of many people that suffer from chronic back pain issues, you probably have problems with living life to the fullest. Mobility is the greatest gift to humans; it allows them to move to one place and the other without any obstructing pain. Most people… Continue Reading

All About Neurogenic Pain

The term neurogenic pain stems from the peripheral or nervous system as a result of nervous terminal stimulation that is usually the result of disease or trauma. In simpler terms, Neurogenic pain is pain that occurs as a result of a nerve. There are different types of neurogenic pain, such as neuropathic, central, and deafferentation… Continue Reading

Pain Physicians: Specialties & Education

Who is a pain physician? People who have suffered from acute or chronic physical pain are well-aware of seeing a pain physician/ specialist. In the US, nearly 50 million people, i.e., approximately 20% of the adult American population, suffer from acute to chronic and high-impact physical pain. (Source) On the other hand, the US has… Continue Reading

Chronic Pain: Causes & Treatment Options

Chronic pain is when you experience severe pain for longer periods. This pain can affect any part of your body, such as the head, lower back, and legs. Sometimes, the pain persists, and sometimes, it comes and goes. The drawback of chronic pain is that it interferes with your day-to-day activities and personal life, making… Continue Reading

Thoracic Epidural

A thoracic epidural injection is a medical treatment that helps curb excessive pain in the thoracic region, or the upper to middle areas of the back. This area is prone to excessive pain due to old age or a major fracture. The injection goes through the epidural space, which is the area surrounding your spinal… Continue Reading