Can Visual Imagery Be Effective for Pain Management?

Many people struggle with pain for reasons simply not easy to control. Often times, pain doesn’t work the way it should. Pain is supposed to be a warning moving from the nerves to the brain signaling a problem for the brain to handle. Sometimes, nerves become damaged and pain signals trigger at the wrong time, when there is no real physical risk, or continuously by not shutting off. In all cases, finding a treatment for this troubled nerve signals isn’t always easy. Pain medications and therapy can help, but for some, imagery can be even more powerful.

What Is Imagery as a Treatment?

Imagery is just what it sounds like. It is a type of pain management technique in which an individual uses sound, visual stimulation, or other pictures that help them to move away from the pain and to focus on something else. The goal is to create a visual “thought” in the mind that is relaxing and pleasant to the individual.

pain managementBy focusing on this good thought, it may be possible to move the brain’s focus away from the pain they are feeling and instead allows them to focus on something else, something good and positive. Imagery is often an effective tool for those suffering from chronic pain that is untreated or does not minimize enough even with medication or other pain management techniques. Does it work for you?

Can It Help You?

Visual imagery can help many people, but it does not always work for all patients. It is a good idea to first focus on getting into a relaxing state. Then, focus on an image as clearly as possible in your mind’s eye that is positive and happy. The longer you focus on it, the more your brain moves away from the pain. The longer you do this, the longer the pain may subside. Whether or not it works depends on the individual’s ability to maintain that positive presence as well as how intense the pain is.

pain managementIn many situations, it is possible to see significant improvement by using visual imagery. This treatment option does not require the use of a doctor, however, it can be taught by a specialist to create a more significant improvement. And, it compliments other pain management techniques that may also help you. If you suffer from chronic pain, call our New York doctor for help at 646-862-5555 .

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