Recognizing Chronic Pain’s Mental Impact

chronic painChronic pain is debilitating. It limits your ability to move. You may find that every step hurts. In other cases, you may find it difficult to move your fingers, sit for a long time, or accomplish other types of daily tasks. It is debilitating because you cannot achieve the simple things you used to be able to do.

For many people, chronic pain is not about an injury or disease, but rather a damaged nerve or neuropathy that is otherwise unexplained. In all cases, the physical damage is only one element of the problem.

You Are Suffering Mentally, Too

In every situation, no matter if you have mild to severe chronic pain, one thing becomes clear. Your pain takes a mental toll on you as well. How limiting chronic pain can be to your mental health depends on a number of different factors.

  • Sleepiness and exhaustion: Many people begin to feel the mental limitations when they become severely fatigued. While this can be brought on by physical ailments, it can also be caused by the mental wear and tear. When you are tired, you are less capable of responding in a healthy manner.
  • Anxiety: The development of anxiety in some people is also debilitating. Anxiety occurs when a person knows an outcome is unlikely but is apprehensive and worried about it occurring at an uncontrollable level. Over time, this can limit the individual’s ability to do things he or she once enjoyed and even stops the individual from focusing.
  • Depression: Mental health can also worsen into depression especially for those who are genetically predisposed for it. Depression is life threatening and it can lead to a low quality of life.

chronic painIf you are feeling any of these mental concerns the first step is to seek out treatment from a doctor for your pain. Getting your pain under control through specialized methods can help in most cases.


However, most people also need mental health treatment. Mental health care aids in improving the thought patterns and emotions you are feeling by bringing you back to a more logical level. For some, medications are necessary while others benefit from cognitive or talk therapy.


Finding a solution for the way you feel is not something you should put off. Turn to a pain specialist like our doctor in New York, to get the answers and treatments you need to finally start feeling better.

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