Chronic Pain from Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are one of the most painful instances in an athlete’s life. Sports injuries come under two types; chronic and acute. Chronic sports injury pain is a consistent type of pain that mainly derives from sports like swimming, running, and cycling. These usually occur when your body is constantly moving. Sometimes the pain from these injuries can be quite intense, stopping you from taking part in your day-to-day activities. It’s important to seek medical help if your chronic sports injury pain worsens. Mentioned below is everything you need to know about chronic pain from sports injuries.

Chronic Pain from Sports Injuries

Types of Chronic Pain Sports Injuries

Symptoms of Chronic Pain Sports Injuries

Chronic pain derives from a sports injury when you engage in constant body movement for a long time.  Sometimes it’s confusing to tell whether you’re experiencing acute or chronic sports injury pain. If you notice specific symptoms, then you’re most likely experiencing chronic pain. These symptoms include sudden swelling in an area that keeps building up or experiencing pain during a specific activity. You may also experience sudden dull aches when trying to rest or sleep.

The symptoms of acute sports injury pain are quite different from that of chronic sports injury pain. The symptoms for acute injuries include swelling, tenderness on the injured area, and no motion range. Other symptoms include sudden shooting pain or no weight support from injured leg or arm. A sign of an acute injury can also be a weird angle on a broken bone. It’s important to tell the difference between acute and chronic sports injuries. By differentiating between both, you will know what type of treatment your pain management doctor will offer.

Treating Chronic Pain Sports Injuries

You can do a few things to relieve chronic pain. However, if these treatment options don’t work or make your condition worse, you must seek out medical help immediately. Mentioned below are the common treatments for chronic pain sports injuries:

Apply Ice

The first treatment to help chronic pain from a sports injury is ice. Take a block of ice and apply it to the area where you’re experiencing pain for 10-20 minutes. You must do this every 3 hours as this will help eliminate any swelling and redness while soothing the pain.

Rest It Out

The moment you’re experiencing chronic pain, it’s best to sit back and rest, especially if it’s in your leg. Resting also means you must restrict yourself from performing any physical activities, especially anything sports-related. The more you rest, the more time your muscles get to relax and rewind. Don’t pressure yourself by saying something like the pain won’t stop me from anything. While it’s good to be strong in such situations, not resting will only make the pain worse.

Chronic Pain from Sports Injuries | NYC Doctor


You can use anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain to some extent and also blur away any inflammation. Make sure to consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication.

Limit Sports Activities

You will need to take a break from sports activities or reduce the intensity to help your injured muscles recover and reduce the chronic pain to some extent.


You must elevate the injured part of your body by raising it above the heart. If you experienced a sports injury in your leg, elevate your leg by lying down or even sitting. By elevating the legs over your chest, you will reduce swelling in those areas. Additionally, sports physical therapy is often used to treat sports injuries.

Chronic sports injuries are surely curable, but the process is slow and long. Chronic pain usually develops over time which is why it takes longer to manage the pain. Everyone’s chronic pain intensity is different. Therefore, before engaging in any of the treatments mentioned below, it’s best to take an opinion from your doctor first.

Signs That It’s Time to See a Doctor

Chronic pain is a very serious condition that tends to worsen and become life-threatening if you don’t care for it. You might’ve tried all the treatments at home, but none of them are working well. At this point, you need to go see your doctor as the issue could be bigger than just chronic pain. Other signs include severe pain, discoloration, swelling, and visible bruising.

Chronic Pain from Sports Injuries: Final Words

Chronic sports injury pain is something you can’t take lightly, especially if you want to go back to playing sports. To get better quickly, start treating your sports injury right away and seek professional medical treatment. You can achieve effective pain management guidance in New York from Matthew Grimm, M.D.

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