Treat your pain and live a better life… Welcome to my blog about pain. Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic pain. As a board certified physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation, my specialty is treating these people with both acute and chronic pain. A majority of my practice is working with patients that are experiencing… Continue Reading

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Doctor for Chronic Pain Management

What Is Chronic Pain? Chronic pain is pain that continues past a month beyond the usual recovery period for an injury or illness. It can also include pain that goes on for months (or years) due to a chronic condition. The pain is not always constant but can interfere with the quality of life for… Continue Reading

Implantable Spinal Cord Stimulator Doctor NYC

Spinal cord stimulator implantation NYC for Chronic Pain. Spinal cord stimulation is a safe and effective method of blocking chronic spinal pain that uses low voltage electrical currents to stimulate the spinal nerves. It helps patients to better manage their pain and decrease the use of pain medication. It is an option for patients who… Continue Reading

Radiofrequency Ablation of the Medial Branch Nerves

Radiofrequency Ablation of the Medial Branch Nerves is a safe and effective way to relieve chronic lumbar (lower back) pain using radio waves to create heat. These radiofrequency waves are electromagnetic waves that travel at the speed of light and blocks nerve tissue from transmitting pain signals to the brain. The medial branch nerves are… Continue Reading

Best Pain Doctor NYC

  Welcome to our new blog! We will be writing informative posts on the many chronically painful conditions that we treat and the ways that we treat chronic pain with many different interventions and modalities. Here is a list of some of the many painful conditions that we treat: Back Pain Sciatica Herniated Discs Annular… Continue Reading

Welcome to my Pain Doctor Blog

Welcome to my Blog about pain. My name is Dr. Matthew Grimm. My goal with this blog is to help patients who are experiencing back or neck pain to understand what is causing their pain and discuss options for treatment. I hope to be able to provide readers with a portal where they can use… Continue Reading