Treat your pain and live a better life… Welcome to my blog about pain. Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic pain. As a board certified physician in physical medicine and rehabilitation, my specialty is treating these people with both acute and chronic pain. A majority of my practice is working with patients that are experiencing… Continue Reading

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What is Fibromyalgia?

Chronic pain can be extremely difficult for anyone to deal with and fibromyalgia affects millions of people all across the country. While most people have heard of this condition before, few people actually know what it really is. Considering that 10 million people in the U.S. alone have this condition, it’s important that you take… Continue Reading

Living with Chronic Pain: How to Cope

There is no question that living with chronic pain can be extremely difficult, but there are numerous ways that you can cope with it. It is absolutely essential that anyone with this type of problem learns how to deal with in a healthy way, as soon as possible. Practice Deep Breathing   One of the… Continue Reading

The Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Depression

There is a well-established connection between chronic pain and depression. This connection is physical and very real. Numerous scientific studies have revealed that chronic pain sufferers are four times more likely to develop some sort of mood disorder, including depression. It has also been established that people who are depressed are also more likely to… Continue Reading

What Are Nerve Blocks?

If you suffer from pain, you may be looking for any type of pain solution. You cannot think about anything you are doing because the pain is intense. Nothing you take seems to help. The pain continues and puts you at a constant level of discomfort. This is when you may need more advanced treatment… Continue Reading

How Do Anti-Seizure Medications Treat Pain?

The use of anti-seizure medications as a treatment option for pain is not a new concept. In fact, it is one of the oldest methods used to treat chronic pain conditions especially in those that have experienced long-term pain or are unable to see relief from other types of pain medications. The first medications of… Continue Reading

Recognizing Chronic Pain’s Mental Impact

Chronic pain is debilitating. It limits your ability to move. You may find that every step hurts. In other cases, you may find it difficult to move your fingers, sit for a long time, or accomplish other types of daily tasks. It is debilitating because you cannot achieve the simple things you used to be… Continue Reading

Can Visual Imagery Be Effective for Pain Management?

Many people struggle with pain for reasons simply not easy to control. Often times, pain doesn’t work the way it should. Pain is supposed to be a warning moving from the nerves to the brain signaling a problem for the brain to handle. Sometimes, nerves become damaged and pain signals trigger at the wrong time,… Continue Reading

Doctor for Chronic Pain Management

What Is Chronic Pain? Chronic pain is pain that continues past a month beyond the usual recovery period for an injury or illness. It can also include pain that goes on for months (or years) due to a chronic condition. The pain is not always constant but can interfere with the quality of life for… Continue Reading