Doctor for Shoulder Pain and Common Shoulder Problems

Shoulder Pain

Often we take for granted the ability to have great mobility in our shoulders. We use our shoulders for the simplest of tasks, such as getting dressed to go out to more complex tasks needed to work and sustain a livelihood. With proper use and care, most shoulders problems are temporary and easily treatable. It is repetitive and frequent motion or injury that can affect the ability to properly use your shoulder area and cause pain.

shoulder painThe shoulder is an intricate combination of several joints combined with tendons. This allows you to perform the daily simple tasks such as lifting groceries to more specialized and demanding moves such as pitching a fastball.

Your shoulder is made up of three bones:
Upper arm bone (humerus)
Shoulder blade (scapula)
Collarbone (clavicle)

Some patients only feel pain shoulder when they move their shoulder, while others feel it all of the time. Either way, pain shoulder should always be evaluated and treated by a doctor to help avoid a worsening condition. Most shoulder problems result from tendon inflammation or tendon tear, instability, arthritis and broken bones. Other causes for shoulder pain can include:
Bursitis: Bursae are small, fluid-filled sacs located in joints that act as cushions between bones and soft tissues. Inflammation and swelling of the bursa can be caused by excessive use of the shoulder.

Tendinitis: Acute or chronic tendinitis is usually a result of a wearing down of the tendon that occurs slowly over time. Can lead to tendon tears.

Impingement: Shoulder impingement happens when the top of the shoulder blade puts pressure on the soft tissues as the arm is moved away from the body. It causes pain and limits motion. This can lead to bursitis, tendinitis and a rotator cuff tear.

Instability: Shoulder instability occurs from shoulder dislocations that can be partial or a complete. Dislocations can occur repeatedly when ligaments, tendons and muscles around the shoulder become loose or torn.

Arthritis: The most common type of arthritis in the shoulder is osteoarthritis. This is a common complaint for middle age individuals. Osteoarthritis develops slowly and becomes increasingly painful.

Fracture: Fractures are broken bones and often cause severe pain, swelling and bruising in the shoulder.
More serious (and less common) causes of shoulder pain can include tumors, infection and nerve-related problems.

Shoulder Pain Relief

For individuals suffering from an acute injury causing intense pain, medical care should be sought as soon as possible. If the pain is tolerable, a few days or rest may be all that is needed to see if time will resolve the problem. If symptoms continue, see a doctor for shoulder pain. The doctor will follow steps to conduct a thorough evaluation in order to determine the cause of your shoulder pain and provide you with treatment options:

Medical Historypain doctor Doctor for shoulder pain
Physical Examination

Treatment for shoulder pain includes activity changes and physical therapy to help patients improve shoulder strength and flexibility. Medications may also be prescribed to reduce inflammation and pain. Shoulder pain doctors may also apply injections of numbing medications or steroids to relieve shoulder pain.

Surgery for Shoulder Pain

Most patients will respond to simple treatment methods such as changing activities, rest, exercise and medication. In some cases, surgery may be required to resolve some shoulder problems.

Some shoulder problems, such as recurring dislocations, cannot be treated with exercise. In these cases, surgery may be recommended fairly early. Depending on your symptoms and diagnosis your doctor may need to repair torn tissues or perform traditional, open procedures for shoulder reconstructions or replacement.

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