Back Pain Specialist

Do you need a back pain specialist? If you are one of many people that suffer from chronic back pain issues, you probably have problems with living life to the fullest. Mobility is the greatest gift to humans; it allows them to move to one place and the other without any obstructing pain. Most people head over to their general physician when they encounter back pain, however, for better treatment and consultancy, browse upon the different back pain specialists in the medical field.

Back Pain Specialists

Back pain and neck pain are now an increasing epidemic. Before, it was just something that came with old. Now, the younger population is also struggling with back pain, mostly because of their sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy choices.

One of the most contingent reasons for back pain is spine disorder. Since more people are now sitting upright in front of screens, they are starting to develop bad spine conditions. Having a weak spine means that you cannot maintain the posture for too long, and suffer from back and neck pain.

Fortunately, people with spine problems can now seek the help of interventional spine medicine. This is a subspecialty of diagnosing and treating back pain, which uses innovative methods to treat and recover from back pain without the help of intrusive surgery.

Back Pain Specialist

Interventional Spine Medicine

Interventional spine medicine uses minimally invasive methods to treat spine issues and technologically advances techniques to diagnose the cause of the pain and locate the region of pain.   Interventional techniques allow you to take a different route in terms of spinal treatment, whether it involves avoiding surgical procedures or Opioid-induced solutions.

However, you cannot avoid surgery in some circumstances. Fortunately, interventional spine solutions involve innovative and interventional surgical procedures as well. Conventionally, performing surgery on the spinal region involves a big incision. Alternatively, interventional surgery allows the specialists to perform the surgery using a small incision.

Apart from it being minimally invasive, it also encompasses other benefits such as:

  • Less pain
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Lesser risks of complication
  • Decreased reliability on post-procedural drugs
  • Quicker recovery
  • Lesser loss of blood

Specialists of interventional spine treatments are more extensive and comprehensive in their diagnosis of back pain.  Unlike other specialists, they do not go through the standard diagnosis procedure and prescribe a conventional treatment. Instead, they aim to formulate a personalized treatment for individuals.

They help patients improve their back pain so that they can take part in other holistic or medical solutions. For instance, if a person’s spine injury or pain is preventing them from performing rehabilitative exercises, then an interventional spine specialist will alleviate the person’s pain so that they can partake in the recovery exercises.

Interventional Spine Treatment Procedures

Numerous surgical and non-surgical treatments involve interventional spine medicine practice. Most of the time, patients suffering from sciatica, lumbar stenosis, or herniated discs need procedures that fall under interventional spine therapy.


With the advancements of advanced imaging, doctors can now diagnose inflammatory regions and locations in the spine much easily.  This also allows them to inject healing medication, and anti-inflammatory medicine directly into the spine. J

In the best of cases, the patient experiences an instant pain release after injection. This occurrence happens when the injected region of the spine is the main source of back pain. In circumstances such as this, the injection is diagnostic.

Top Back Pain Specialist NYC

Specialists will either inject your spine with anti-inflammatory corticosteroids or numbing medications. The anti-inflammatory medication has the power to treat spinal or back pain for months, making it a viable treatment for pain.


This interventional procedure treats herniated disk, by removing the bulging disc or parts of it.  This helps a patient find relief from the pain since it eradicates the pressure from the nerve. In other words, a surgical procedure is minimally invasive since it requires the specialist to make a small incision.  It involves the use of technologically advanced tools and special training to handle those types of equipment.


Radiofrequency neurotomy involves the use of X-ray to indicate the pain regions inside the spine. Once the specialist finds the region that is sourcing most of the back discomfort, they use a special needle to deliver heat and radiofrequency to that region.

This frequency allows the nerves in that area to suppress and numb. This stops them from stimulating pain signals in that specific area. As a result, the patient experiences an alleviation of pain.

Back Pain Specialist: To Conclude

If you or anyone you know suffers from back pain that is indicative of spinal issues, then you must consider seeing an interventional spine specialist. Dr. Mathew Grimm is one of the best and most experienced spine pain specialists in New York City.

We are the trusted choice towards a safe and quick recovery. Call today for an appointment at 646-862-5555. Visit our website for more details.

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